• North Korea will test missiles weekly
    Post time: 04-18-2017

    orth Korea will continue to test missiles, a senior official has told the BBC in Pyongyang, despite international condemnation and growing military tensions with the US. “We’ll be conducting more missile tests on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis,” Vice-Foreign Minister Han Son...Read more »

  • North Korea launches missile but test ends in failure
    Post time: 04-18-2017

    North Korea has defied Donald Trump’s demands for it to abandon its nuclear and missile programmes, launching a missile from an eastern port city on Sunday morning. However, the test appeared to fail. “The missile blew up almost immediately,” the United States Pacific Command said in a statement....Read more »

  • General Guidelines for Using Hotfix Rhinestones (Crystals)
    Post time: 04-18-2017

    Fabrics should be pre-washed and free of any chemical finish, such as water resistant treatments. When working with stretch fabrics, try to slightly pre-stretch the fabrics before applying hot fix crystals. Always test the application on a sample swatch or in an inconspicuous area. Some general g...Read more »

  • North Korea ‘ready for nuclear attack’ amid show of force
    Post time: 04-18-2017

    North Korea has warned the US not to take provocative action in the region, saying it is “ready to hit back with nuclear attacks”. The comments came as North Korea marked the 105th anniversary of the birth of its founding president, Kim Il-sung. A huge parade in Pyongyang was held ami...Read more »

  • Anti-smoking experts to sue Times for claims of tobacco payouts
    Post time: 04-18-2017

    A group of scientists and public health experts are to take legal action against the Times newspaper after it reported claims from a leading charity that they were in the pay of the tobacco industry. The experts, who work in fields that aim to limit deaths and health complications caused by smoki...Read more »

  • China’s Q1 growth stabilises at 6.8%: AFP poll
    Post time: 04-18-2017

    Beijing (AFP) – China’s growth stabilised in the first quarter thanks to rising investments and a recovery in exports, experts said, though they warned the reprieve may be temporary.   According to an AFP survey of 16 economic analysts, the gross domestic product expanded 6.8 per...Read more »

  • Choosing Transfer Tape for Hotfix Rhinestones
    Post time: 04-06-2017

    Silicone Transfer Paper is the professional choice for designs using hotfix rhinestones. Traditional Silicone Transfer Paper The advantages of using Silicone Transfer Paper for transfers with hotfix rhinestones are increased thickness and tackiness. Silicone transfer paper is thicker than other t...Read more »

  • China Southern, American Airlines announce tie-up
    Post time: 04-06-2017

    China Southern Airlines said Tuesday it would sell almost a one-tenth stake to American Airlines in a $200 million tie-up that could see two of the world’s biggest carriers cooperate in a range of areas.   American Airlines is the world’s largest carrier by scheduled passengers c...Read more »

  • Trump to tee off with China’s Xi
    Post time: 04-06-2017

    China’s President Xi Jinping will meet Donald Trump next week at the US leader’s Florida golf resort. It will be the first face-to-face meeting between the heads of the world’s two most powerful nations. Xi’s trip to Trump’s luxury Mar-a-Lago resort – which he ...Read more »

  • South Korean president impeached
    Post time: 04-06-2017

    outh Korea’s parliament has impeached President Roh Moo-hyun for endorsing a pro-government party and incompetence ahead of next month’s general election. The opposition parties which dominate the chamber impeached Mr Roh by a vote of 193 to 2, suspending his powers pending a Constitu...Read more »

  • Xi Jinping: The leader of a great revival
    Post time: 03-20-2017

    Can China do it? This is the crucial question for the world’s biggest and boldest economic, political and social experiment. At the core of understanding the country’s prospects is the governance philosophy of its leader, Xi Jinping.   Xi is leading more than 1.3 billion people o...Read more »

  • How to Make Heat Transfer Designs
    Post time: 03-20-2017

    Making your own customized designs for clothing such as T-shirts and aprons can be a recreational project for the entire family. Printing the designs at home allows you to be as creative as you want to be. The designs can be transferred directly onto the desired fabric through a process known as ...Read more »

    Post time: 03-20-2017

    HEAT TRANSFER PRODUCT APPLICATIONS 1. Point of purchase banners, signage, displays, skirting, carpeting, etc. 2. Advertising specialties – mouse pads, wrist pads, beverage insulators, clip boards, etc. 3. Ceramic tiles, wall murals and interior design 4. Snow skis, snow boards, cycling helm...Read more »

  • Trump planning to host Chinese president at Mar-a-Lago
    Post time: 03-20-2017

    President Donald Trump is planning to host Chinese President Xi Jinping for a summit next month at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, a senior administration official told CNN Monday. The official cautioned that the plan is only tentative at the moment. Plans for the summit — which would be ...Read more »

  • Missile defense system that China opposes arrives in South Korea
    Post time: 03-20-2017

    The first pieces of a US-built missile defense system designed to mitigate the threat of North Korean missiles arrived at the Osan Air Base in South Korea Monday night, according to the US military. The announcement comes just a day after North Korea test-fired four ballistic missiles into the Se...Read more »

  • Dragon Heads-Raising Day
    Post time: 03-13-2017

    The dragon raises its head on the second day of the second lunar month, which falls on February 27 this year.This day is also called Longtoujie (Dragon’s Head Festival) or Chunlongjie (Spring Dragon’s Festival). It is said that as the day approaches, the land begins to awaken while th...Read more »

    Post time: 02-24-2017

    One of the most popular trends today in fashion is rhinestones. Whether you are decorating women’s clothing, cheer, dance apparel, or spirit wear, your designs are bound to stand out with the sparkle and blingged out effect of rhinestones.  However, not everyone has the budget or patience for act...Read more »

  • Should I use Hotfix or Non Hotfix Swarovski Crystals on Clothing?
    Post time: 02-24-2017

    When it comes to applying crystals to a dance costume, dress, jeans, t-shirt, baseball cap or any other item of clothing which option do you go for hotfix or non hotfix. When clothing is manufactured if it’s being crystallized then it’s more than likely that hotfix crystals and an industrial heat...Read more »

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