1.  Puff techno adds a 3D effect to the flat transfer compared with the ORIGINAL PUFF PRINT METHOD.

2. The quality is much better than previous 3D heat transfer print.

3. It has passed the professional industrial washing test.

4. Minimum order quantity: 24pcs.

5.  Lead time: 5-8 days

CSTAR 3D PUFF transfer film has 9 colors to choose

There are currently 9 colors to choose from!

1. The thickness changes from 0.06mm(60μm) before pressing to 0.5mm-1mm(500-1000μ)

2. Stable quality, and it doesn’t peel, flake, crack, or fade after washing.

3. Meet with industrial washing standard.

CSTAR 3D puff heat transfer products are durable and stable
CSTAR 3D puff heat transfer products suits garments

3. This is TPU material, soft and elastic. It’s often used on full front, chest and back of your shirt. Suitable clothing includes t-shirts, jeans, hats,etc.

Please note:Different temperatures lead to different heights of materials

The height of 140℃ is 0.5mm     The height of 150℃ is 1.0mm   The height of 160℃ is 1.5mm

Temperature:140℃-160℃           Time: 10S-15S               Peel COLD