What is DTF?

DTF is  referred to as Direct to Film, it works by printing transfers that are heat pressed to a variety of garments, DTF can work for multiple fabric types, and it lasts as long as screen printing.

Between DTG and DTF, DTG printing produces high-quality full size prints with brilliant colors and an incredibly soft hand feel, BUT DTF printing definitely has some benefits that make it the perfect addition for your garment printing business.

So, let’s find out what Direct to Film Printer can do for you!

Why DTF, any advantages of it?

  • Various color options
  • Best choice for small order
  • Fast producing time: No pretreatment and template
  • Almost unlimited fabrics: We can create different kinds of products by DTF

Why Choose CSTAR?

>Low cost – priced at $0.04 per square inch

>Minimum order: $19

>Maximum size: 19″ x 39″

>Minimum orders: 24 pcs

>CSTAR provides 24hours free design service.

>Our DTF printer is 5 feet longer than the regular machines in the market to make sure the patterns get dried enough.

>Full colors, unlimited styles. Customers can apply it to any items to meet their own needs.

Getting your DTF designs in CSTAR is pretty simple

Step1 : Click Contact Us, send your customized images to CSTAR (we accept HD photos of most files types).

Step2: After receiving your file, our 24 hours design service will be started.

Step3: Before printing, we will send your .PDF file to assure once again.

Step4: DTF requires 5-8 business days to produce.

Step5: Shipping.

DTF produces a colorful, vivid image

Multiple Color Designs

  • DTF transfers have no color limitations, you can print unlimitated colors at lower cost.
  • They are also ideal for gradients and shading style.
  • In DTG, inks are intergrated with fabric, feeling base itself. DTF the fixing powder makes result shinier, and less intergrated with fabric, so it gives a feeling of greater quality in colir, base color does not intervene.

Neat Edge & Detailed lines

From a quality standpoint, CSTAR DTF transfers focus on details that you are able to print a very clear line without problems.

DTF printing is available in unlimited materials and colors

Options Combination

With the full-color printing capability of DTF, you can print any kind of image, even photographs. This is a great way to create custom, personalized patterns for clients, also highly sustainable added good quality in artworks.

Let’s started with your own DTF styles!

Where DTF can print on?  The answer is surprising, DTF can literally print on most common surface and uneven too!

T-shirt, hoodies, hats,  jeans, dresses, canvas bags, pillows, gifts and so on.

CSTAR offers Free DTF Sample for first order or inquiry

A free sample will be sent with your first order/ inquiry

Click GET QUOTE on the right, and we’ll send some free product samples your way.

Delivery time for reference:
Normal: 5-8 business days (Free shipping)
Fastest: 1-2 business days (Requires $28 for DHL/UPS shipping cost)
*COVID-19 may delay the shipment by a few more days.*

(We accept all the following file types (HD photo): .AI, .BMP, .EPS, .GIF, .JPE, .JPEG, .JPG, .PDF, .PNG, .PSD, .SVG, .TIF, .TIFF)

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