CSTAR embroidery and custom patches as fashion decoration for apparels are one of the many things. CSTAR FASHION DESIGN specializes in producing.

We deliver consistently high-quality work for international corporations as well as local fashion retailers.

It is most often seen on jackets, caps, hats, coats, blankets, dress shirts, denim, stockings and golf shirts. Became an one of a kind accessory for outfits and gifts.

We mainly do 6 categories of patches as follow, with low minimum and supreme quality. (We offer options with iron on glue reverse, sticker and Velcro backing)

          •Embroidery                                                                     •Rhinestones/Stu

          •Chenille Embroidery                                                     •HTV Patches

          •EMBROIDERY & RHINESTONE/SEQUINS          •Printed Patches



CSTAR embroidery patterns low MOQ

Embroidery Patch is a classic fashion decoration for apparel, using decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn.

The technique requirements of embroidery are: straight line, neat stitch, consistent stitch distance and smooth embroidery surface.

Minimum order is only 25 PCs.


Chenille is the French word for caterpillar, which refers the texture and short pile of fabric that gives patches a soft carpet like touch.

Chenille patches provide a classic, vintage look that can’t be found in any other style !

Minimum order is only 200 PCs.

CSTAR embroidery logo patterns low MOQ


CSTAR embroidery patterns combined with rhinestone, sequins and etc

Embroidery Patch is a classic fashion decoration for clothes, using decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn.

Embroidery may also incorporate other materials such as rhinestone, peals and sequins.

Minimum order is only 200 PCs.


Rhinestones/Stud Patches is made of rhinestones, stud, sequin, pearl layering with fabric or flock, which add sparkle and speciality to regular patch.

Hot fix materials can be chosen from rhinestones, domestud, rhinestud, nailhead, sequin and pearl.

Minimum order is only 24 PCs.

CSTAR rhinestones/stud patches is more parkle to regular patch.


CSTAR heat transfer HTV Patch using fabric OR other HTV materials decorate to outfits or gifts

HTV Patch is a fashion applique, using decorating fabric and/or combined with other HTV materials like metallic foil, glitter, flock, reflective vinyl, glow in the dark, etc.

More than 12 types of HTV for your selection.

Unique in that it cannot be reproduced by embroidery.

Minimum order is only 24 PCs.


Printed Patches allow subtle details and color that aren’t usually possible. It is perfect for photographs and where gradient colors are required. Materials that can be printed on are satin or polyester fabric.

Any complex image is available, but please prepare a high quality image before order.

Minimum order is only 24 PCs.

CSTAR heat transfer Printed Patches can be photographs and have rich details
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