In CSTAR, we offer 3 different kinds of Hot Fix Fabrics, we offer customized fabric designs.


  • Material varies between fabric and cotton.
  • A lower cost alternative to most transfer films.
  • New animal, floral and camouflage patterns add fun and flair to your designs.
CSTAR Hot Fix Fabric A: fabric and cotton mixed, lower cost, add fun
CSTAR Hot Fix Fabric B: 3d, polyester, for text designs


  • Thick and soft fabric, based on polyester.
  • Glamorous and in a variety of colors.
  • Great for creating a 3D look, suitable for number and lettering designs.
  • For layered two-color designs, the light color should be at the bottom as it will take on the dark color.


  • Add fun to lettering, numbers or your custom designs.
  • Patterns are produced for a textured look and feel.
  • Great for creating a 3D look.


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