The new type of digital printing with low minimum made in Korea. It’s the thinnest among all of our printable series, which is made by ROLAND machine. The weak solvent ink we used for doing printing PU is eco-friendly and detected by UL GREENGUARD, so it is suitable for all fabrics. Also we can do silver reflective printing PU and special emboss effect on the surface of regular printing PU to make the design more 3D and unique.

CSTAR regular printing PU can be customized patterns


The color can be customized by PANTONE color numbers, designs of the same size have the same price regardless of several colors.


This is an upgrade of printing PU, with 3D lines added on the surface to make the design more unique. The embossed patterns embed on the letters or graphics will make the whole design more textured and 3D.

CSTAR emboss printing PU with 3D lines to make design more unique
CSTAR reflective printing PU is bright in dark to suit customers’ needs


The only difference from the regular printing PU is that it has a reflective effect. Appear black in daylight, while at night when illuminated by light, which is absolutely stunning and eye-catching, perfect for enhanced nighttime visibility and safety.