CSTAR printing series include printing PU, printing flock, printing fabric and printing stretchable foil.

Printing techniques provide a perfect solution for complex and colorful designs. Combine with other hot fix materials bring various effect that we can not do in the past. Not limited by the number of colors, and colors more vivid than screen printing.



CSTAR printing PU is one of most well-liked heat transfer products

Printing PU is a soft and stretchable polyurethane based film specially developed for printing with eco-solvent printers such as Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh etc.The weak solvent ink we used for doing printing PU is eco-friendly and detected by UL GREENGUARD, so it is suitable for all fabrics.

• MOQ: depends on the size of the design, far less than screen printing.
• Designs of the same size have the same price regardless of several colors.
• Customize colors as PANTONE.


The only difference from the regular printing PU is that it has a reflective effect. Appear black in daylight, while at night when illuminated by light, which is absolutely stunning and eye-catching, perfect for enhanced nighttime visibility and safety.

CSTAR reflective printing PU is stunning can reflect brightly in dark

This is an upgrade of printing PU, with embossed lines added on the surface. The embossed patterns embed on the letters or graphics will make the whole design more textured and unique.

CSTAR embossed printing PU suits letter and graphic make while more unique



CSTAR printing flock is soft and smooth to decor the garments

Printing flock is not only super soft, but also can be printed in rich colors. The super soft flock is using digital water-based ink, also this is environmentally friendly.

• Add a velvet or suede-like texture to the surface.
• Printing color is based on Pantone color, it is 85-90% close to the original image.
• Low cost decoration alternative to embroidery.


CSTAR printing fabric patterns can be printed on satin and 2 fabrics

Printing fabric is a printing technique using digital or electronic files from a personal computer or other digital storage device as a source. Patterns can be printed on satin and twill fabric, provide faster turnaround times.

• Distortion of images does not occur in digital printing, unlike screen printing.
• The main advantage is the elimination of the printing plate and thus helps in saving time, effort and money.


CSTAR silver color stretchable foil can print any designed patterns
CSTAR gold color stretchable foil can print any designed patterns

There are 2 different background color stretchable foils, GOLD and SLIVER, that can be the fundation material to print whatever patterns you wanted on.

  • •The printing technique on Stretchable Foil, with its rich colors
  • •Stretchable & Thinner & Metallic
  • •Perfect appearance with metallic gold or sliver background
  • •Display with slight 3D relief effect
We can do special embossed effect on the surface of regular printing PU and silver reflective printing PU to make the design more unique.
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