PU is durable and stretchy material made in Korea, which is the most frequently used.
CSTAR offers 6 kinds of PU including regular PU, plearly-lustre PU, glow in the dark, reflective PU, sand PU and brush PU.

  • The thickness of PU series is 0.11-0.12mm, giving a great quality finish and soft feel.
  • More than 100 choices of colors and textures including neon, reflectiove, sand and brush effect.
  • On the environmental it is through OEKO-TEX100 certification,not easy to crack and fade.
  • Great for team names and numbers, provide more fashion design elements and design.
CSTAR Hot Fix Pu: durable and stretchy, good for team names


  • Solid colors are the most frequently used as the color is pure.
  • Great for team names and numbers as it is not easy to crack and fade.
  • CSP-01 to CSP50 available in 50 different colors including neon colors.
CSTAR Hot Fix Pu has wide color range includes neon


  • Make your designs elegant and noble with the brilliant accent of plearly lustre.
  • CPP-01 to CPP28 available in 28 different colors.
CSTAR Hot Fix Plearly-lustre PU in wide color range
CSTAR glow in the dark PU is super popular nowadays


  • Glow in the dark PU absorb light and release light in darkness, the must-have element of party and holiday wear.
  • Besides the classic green, there are 7 colors to choose from.
CSTAR glow in the dark PU


  • Reflective PU is appears almost black in daylight, while stunning and eye-catching when reflect.
  • PU-35 is classic sliver color, PU-36 is multi colors, PU-61 to PU-70 are patterned reflective PU, when illuminated by light, it is able to show different reflective patterns at different angles.
CSTAR reflective PU is stunning especially when dark


  • Sand texture with 10 colors for choice.
  • It looks darker than regular PU because of the sand grain.
CSTAR sand PU is in 10 colors, looks darker
Brush PU T-shirt- 10 colors and gives sense of modernity


  • Brush texture with 10 colors for choice.
  • The brush effect gives a sense of modernity.
Shark Brush PU-CSTAR brush PU is in 10 colors and gives sense of modernity

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