• Environmental protection silicone production, can pass a variety of environmental protection certification.
  • The silicone base can be customized for use in label and gift sticker design.
  • They are widely used in sportswear, outdoor travel clothing, hats and shoes. Material has a 3D effect and is skin-friendly.
  • Silicone label (in addition to silicone film) has 5 choices.
  • The minimum order quantity is 500 PCS, and the best deal applies when ordering 2000 PCS.
  • Hot pressing and sewing are both available.
  • Provide customers with 5 different silicone crafts, Flat Silicone, Bump Silicone,  Hollow Silicone, Tooth Brush Silicone and Silicone Film.
CSTAR offers different thickness and bottom of silicone

Flat Silicone

  • We offer two different thicknesses for you to choose from, 0.5MM and 0.8MM.
  • And there are two different bottom for you to choose from, transparent and non-transparent.
  • Perfect for small logos on sportswear and hats.

Bump Silicone

  • The bottom thickness reaches 0.5mm and the whole reaches 0.8mm.
  • The whole design feel soft to touch.
CSTAR heat transfer bump silicone suits garments and outfits
CSTAR heat transfer hollow silicone suits company logo

Hollow Silicone

The design doesn’t need a bottom at all, suitable for company (name) logo and design with special needs. 3D effect, high environmental protection, and good quality to make the design more textured.

Tooth Brush Silicone

  • They are a lot of thin whiskers evenly distributed on the silicone surface, soft to the touch.
  • Special design and touch make your design unique.
CSTAR heat transfer tooth brush silicone soft and durable
CSTAR heat transfers silicone films add fine line and 3D effect

Silicone Film

  • Refine your design with finer lines.
  • You can choose from three thicknesses: 0.2mm, 0.3mm and 0.5mm.
  • High quality and 3D effect make your design fashionable and soft.

Custom-sewn silicone logo

  • The sewn silicone logo can be tried on the logo of the badge class, but it should have a whole bottom.
  • Performance is more reliable and solid, providing you with professional one-to-one customized services.
CSTAR heat transfers customized silicone can be used on logo, badge with whole bottom
CSTAR offers free heat transfer silicone sample for customers

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